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One of the finest
animal health care products manufacturers,
International Health Care
belongs to the reputed group known for best
animal health products, PVS Group.

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Quality is a must where there is ‘Try & Trust’

As one of the renowned animal medicine manufacturers, International Health Care’s commitment for delivering high quality products is at the heart of its existence. This applies to the animal health products company’s complete portfolio, from Herbals formulations/immunomodulators, Probiotics formulations (also single strains) to Oral Antibiotics, Anticoccidials and Dewormers, and Disinfectants and Sanitizers.


Animal Healthcare Product Manufacturers With Enhanced Standards

Animals mean the world to International Health Care Limited, the crown among animal healthcare products manufacturers in India and a part of pioneering PVS Group instituted in 1993 by Dr. Seshaiah V Pamulapati, Founder Chairman Managing Director. From Herbal Formulations/ Immunomodulators and Probiotics Formulations (also single strains), Oral Antibiotics to Anticoccidials and Dewormers, and Disinfectants and Sanitizers, when it comes to absolute care of fauna, International Health Care is raising the standards of animal health since 2006 through superior animal healthcare products, thereby helping its customers’ business grow better. So look no further, your search for the best among animal pharmaceutical companies ends with one of the trusted animal pharmaceutical companies in Vijayawada, India.


Dr. Seshaiah V. Pamulapati, the secret to PVS group’s success

One of the finest animal medicine manufacturers, International Health Care belongs to the reputed group known for best animal health products, PVS Group.The key strength of PVS Group of companies lies in the vision and leadership of Dr. Pamulapati Venkata Seshaiah, or Dr. PVS, who was born in 1965 at C.S. Puram in Prakasam District. From a modest background, he ventured into uncharted territories of being an entrepreneur earlier on in his life.


PVS manufacturing all kinds of animal health care products like vitamin/mineral supplements, probiotics, growth promoters, performance enhancers & treatment products for all species like poultry, veterinary, companion animals and aquaculture species.


Wide-ranging products for poultry diseases, including Antibiotics (Liquids) and Antibiotics (Water Soluble Powders), Anticoccidials

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A specialist veterinary medicine company, International Health Care takes immense pride in being the best among veterinary medicine

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Aqua Culture

When it comes to aquaculture based drug formulations, International Health Care is setting the standard as one of the reputed aquaculture

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Horse & Camel

International Health Care manufactures and markets quality horse and camel health care products.

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Dog & Cat | Exports

International Health Care is a trusted organisation known for quality animal and pet treatment solutions that extend

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The company’s wide-ranging pig health care products assist in letting your pig live a wholesome, long and productive

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Animal health-care products from IHC are amazing. They are always handy and helpful to my pets. Always have my stock of dog food on hand. It is easy to get these products.

Lucy Smith, Big Media Co

I have used IHC’s health care products on my own cattle and I feel it works great! My sheep and camel really look great with it and it gets off a lot of the extra efforts to maintain their good health. I also tried it on my poultry and was pleased with the results.

Andy Jones, My Business

I completely trust IHC’s health care products to provide the best care possible for my dog. They are caring, and effective, taking the time to build the immunity and the health of my dog.

Cary Watson, Donna Muffet


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