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  • Iron with Folic Acid to Improve / Corrects Blood Function Composition: (Each 1 litre contains): Ferric Ammonium Citrate : 15,000 mg Folic acid : 280 mg Cyanocobalamin : 200 mcg Zinc Sulphate : 50 mg Excipients : Q.S. Benefits:
  • IRONAL contains highly bio-available iron and folic acid suitable for oral administration or daily supplementation to feed.
  • IRONAL Supplies organic iron as Ferric ammonium citrate.
  • IRONAL provides concentrated folic acid. Maintains optimal iron levels in high performance horses, mare blood and mare milk.
  • Maintains optimal red blood cell counts.
  • Provides essential elements for haemoglobin production and therefore blood oxygenation.
  • Guidelines for Use: Administer orally over the tongue or place liquid on dry feed. Dosage: Training Horse: 30 ml daily. Pregnant and lactating mares: 30 ml daily. Foals and weanlings: 15 ml daily. (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 5 Ltr.
  • DIRECT FEED MICROBIAL PROBIOTIC FEED ADDITIVES Composition: Each kg contains: Lactobacillus acidophilus Lactobacillus casei Lactobacillus lactis Lactobacillus reuteri Lactobacillus plantarum Bacillus subtilis Bacillus coagulans Streptococcus faecium Saccharomyces boulardii Saccharomyces cerevisiae Excipients : Kaolin with carrier (Probiotics Strength : 500 billion cfu/Kg) BENEFITS:
    • It is high concentrated probiotic feed additive to enhance performances in horses, it maintains beneficial bacteria in the gut for better health.
    • Probiotics work by reintroducing good bacteria to horse’s gut, as well as helping them absorb key nutrients and improve their overall digestion.
    • Improves immunity & disease resistance power.
    • Acts as a as a remedy in a various digestive problems like chronic diarrhoea, ulcers etc. in horses.
    • It helps to reduce stress and recoveries from injuries or illnesses which caused by an imbalance in horse’s intestinal flora.
    • During travelling horses are prone to drinking and eating less, a probiotic can serve as a preventative against stress and reduce the chances of colic.
    • Horses with a history of colic can also benefit by using probiotics as a preventative measure.
    • Usage of antibiotics, can affect horse’s digestive system by depleting both the good and bad bacteria in their gut, hence it reintroduces good bacteria and bring balance back to their gut’s environment.
    • It helps to improve overall general health and performances in horses.
    DOSAGE: Add in feed: Horses (adults) : 30 to 40 gm/animal for 5-7 days Foals & small horses : 20 gm/animal for 5-7 days (Or) as advised by a equine specialist PACK: 1kg tin & 25 kg drum.
  • Hepato-Protective and Liver Tonic Composition: (Each Litre) Methionine : 50,000 mg Choline : 20,000 mg Nicotinic Acid : 8,000 mg Vitamin B1 : 5,000 mg Vitamin B2 : 2,000 mg Vitamin B6 : 1,000 mg Vitamin B12 : 5,000 mg Biotin : 750 mg Vitamin E : 10,000 mg Vitamin C : 1,000 mg Vitamin K3 : 2000 mg Inositol : 1,000 mg Carnitine : 15,000 mg Excipients : Q.S Indications: Improves liver function and helps for better digestion. Corrects liver disorders like fatty livers. Improves feed conversion ratio. Increases growth and body weight. Maintains optimum health and immunity. Highly useful during antibiotic treatments. Dosage and Instructions: Horses: Feed 60ml daily for 14 days for horses in recovery. Routinely feed 5 days every month to high performance horses. Presentation: 1 Ltr.
  • Citrate Based Buffer to Prevent Muscle Cramps Benefits:
  • Reduces accumulation of lactic acid in the blood & muscles which cause muscle stiffness, muscle cramping (stiffness) and damage to the muscle fibres.
  • .Citric acid neutralizes lactic acid build up in the body.
  • Help to prepare the horse for regular exercise.
  • CRAMP CARE is an excellent Antioxidant.
  • Maintains buffer (Acid Base Balance) in the body.
  • Dosage: Feeding instructions (Through feed) Horses in training: 90ml per day in evening feed After competition or hard work: Feed 120ml (or)As advised by a veterinarian Presentation: 1 Ltr.
  • Composition : Each ltr contains: Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus extract) : 5000mg Trychyspermum ammi (Thyme oil) : 5000mg mentha piperita (Menthol) : 10000mg Ginger officinalis(Ginger oil) : 2500mg Allium sativum (Garlic oil) : 150mg Cinnamomum camphora(camphor) : 350mg Emblica officianalis extract : 5000mg Excipients : Q.S. Benefits :
  • Reduces the coughing and respiratory irritation.
  • Makes breathing easier
  • Enhances mucus secretion
  • Improves immunity and general health.
  • Highly useful during respiratory infections
  • Acts as a supportive therapy in all respiratory diseases for rapid recovery.
  • Improves performance in racing horses
  • Dosage : Horse (adult): 30ml/animal daily for 5 days. Foals & small horses: 10-15 ml/animal daily for 5 days. (or) as advised by an equine specialist. Presentation :5 ltrs.
  • Acidifier & Conditioner Advantages :
    • Improves comfort in the gut.
    • Reduces gas formation in the stomach.
    • Improves the health.
    • Improves the strength.
    Dosage : 7-10 days each time Large animals : 50-60 gms. / animal / day Small animals : 10-20 gms. / animal / day (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 500 gm.
  • External Applicant Gel - Coolent & Relaxant Advantages:
    • Special herbal gel for external application to relieve animals from muscle and joint pains
    • Relieves from pains tendons.
    • Relaxes the muscles.
    • Provides cooling and comfort to the animals
    Dosage: (External Application) Foment the affected areas with hot water. Later rub the same areas with Cool Gel (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 1 Ltr.
  • Blood Booster Composition : Each 5 ml. contains Vitamin B12 : 9 mcg Vitamin B6   : 2 mg. Folic Acid      :  0.5 mg. Ferric Pyrophosphate : 100 mg Sorbitol Solution : 4.4 ml. (eq. to not less than 73% D-Sorbitol) Excipients : Q.S. Advantages :
    • Improves blood quantity as well as quality.
    • Improves strength of the animals.
    • Increases blood haemoglobin content.
    Dosage : Large animal : 50 ml./animal / day Small animal : 10-20 ml./animal / day (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 1 Ltr.
  • For Stronger & To Strengthen Hoof Composition: (each kg contains) Biotin : 500 mg Sulphur : 155 mg Zinc : 2000 mg Gelatine : 60 mg Phosphorus : 20,000 mg Methionine : 250,000 mg Choline chloride : 6500 mg Magnesium : 2000 mg Calcium : 50,000 mg Excipients : Q.S. Benefits:
    • “HOOF STRONG” Provides high level of Biotin together with other essential ingredients which are needed to promote Hoof growth & Repair.
    • HOOF STRONG is a Supplement for Improves strength of hoof.
    • HOOF STRONG regenerates normal hoof wall growth. Allows cracks and defects of the hoof to repair and grow out.
    • It Provides proper combination of zinc, methionine, sulphur, choline, magnesium and gelatin for optimum hoof wall growth.
    • Reduces tender soles and dry, brittle walls & Promotes stronger, healthier hoof and sole wall.
    • Ensures the water soluble B-Group vitamin, Biotin is replenished daily facilitating optimal available levels, which is essential for Hoof strengthen.
    • HOOF STRONG useful to treat hoof associated defects such as cracked wall, contracted heels, thin soles, bruised soles, seedy toe, split frogs, laminitis and dry shelly feet etc.
    • Guideline for Use: Mix “HOOF STRONG” thoroughly through a dry feed daily. Important Note: Overall improvement in hoof horn growth and strength generally occurs within 3-5 months. In cases of severe hoof damage and with very large horses, supplementation should continue for 9-12 months or longer. Dosage: Routine use:15 gm daily. Specific use: 30 gm daily. Pregnant mares: 60 gm daily (last trimester) Presentation: 20 kg
  • Vitamin E Anti-Oxidant Supplement for Peak Muscle Performance and Maximum Reproduction Composition: (Each Kg contains): Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol acetate) : 50,000 mg Vitamin B1 (thiamine) : 1000 mg Sodium bicarbonate : 50,000 mg Selenium : 100 mg Choline chloride : 100,000 mg Excipients : Q.S Benefits:
    • MUSCLE care specially formulated to protect performance horses from muscle damage which can lead to soreness, stiffness, fatigue & in severe cases “tying-up”.
    • Provides highly concentrated, highly bio-available Vitamin E.
    • MUSCLE care Helps to relieve stresses of training and helps to prevent ‘training off ’.
    • MUSCLE care have potent anti-oxidant activity.
    • MUSCLE care improves immunity & Ferility.
    • MUSCLE care protects red blood cell integrity and reduces exercise induced muscle damage.
    • MUSCLE care reduces muscle recovery time following strenuous (hard) exercise.
    Dosage: Working Horse: 15-30g daily. Stallions at stud: 15-60g daily; Pregnant mares: 15-60g daily; Spelling horses/yearlings: 15g daily; Horses with muscle problems such as ‘tying up’: 30-60g daily (or) as advised by a veterinarian (or) equine specialist. Presentation: 10 kg.
  • Concentrated Source of Natural Vitamin E for Horse Composition: Each 30ml contains Vitamin E : 3,000 mg Excipients : Q.S Benefits and Indications:
    • Protects cells from oxidative damage.
    • Improves muscle strength.
    • Stabilizes red blood cells and maintain integrity.
    • Stabilizes vascular system Immunity.
    • Improves fertility and conception rates in mares & sperm production in stallions.
    Dosage and Administration: 30 ml (NEW LIFE) can be fed as a dietary vitamin E supplement to horses (Or) as advised by equine specialist. Presentation: 30 ml oral paste tube.
  • Rich Protein Supplement Composition: (Each Kg contains): Digestable Energy : 4540 Kilo calories. Protein Hydrolysate : 300,000 mg Lysine(50%) : 30,200 mg Methionine : 22,000 mg Calcium : 7000 mg Phosphorus : 3500 mg Magnesium : 1250 mg Potassium : 8500 mg Sodium : 400 mg Sulphur : 6200 mg Iron : 140 mg Zinc : 24 mg Copper : 7.5 mg Manganese : 35 mg Excipients : Q. S. Protimax is a Protein Concentrate & mineral supplement for horses. Benefits:
    • Protimax is a concentrated source of essential amino acids required daily in the normal diet of horses.
    • Protimax helps in development of Bones, Bone tissues & Tendons.
    • Protimax increases digestibility and increases bioavailability and enhances protein utilization.
    • Protimax is Well balanced, high quality protein and amino acid supplement.
    • Protimax increases utilizable protein levels of feed by effectively correcting amino acid deficiencies.
    Dosage: 300-600g daily added into ration.(or) as advised by a veterinarian (or) equine specialist. Presentation: 20 kg.