• Prevents Ammonia & Nitrites Performance Booster Composition : Probiotics with Organic Minerals (Feed grade). Benefits:
    • Rapidly prevents toxic ammonia levels from ponds
    • Prevents off odour & more efficient in Nitrogen Cycle Reduces sludge accumulation
    • Quickly bind ammonia and nitrites in the water and pond bottom • Transforms toxic compounds into other non-toxic nitrogen com pounds
    • Stimulates growth of useful bacteria and improves plankton development
    • Promotion of a healthy algal bloom
    • Restores healthy pond bottom
    • Increased survival and growth
    • Improves feed conversion.
    In Feed : Gut becomes active, improves feed intake, digestion, growth & health. Dosage : 1-2 kg / one Acre pond water / 2 - 3 weeks intervals. In Feed : 1 kg / ton of fish feed / 7 days in a month (or) as advised by an aqua consultant. Application : Take the recommended quantities of AMMOSOL and broadcast all over the pond uniformly. Presentation : 1 kg.
  • Vitamin C & E Supplement Composition : Each 100 gm. Contains (Feed grade): Ascorbic acid : 15,000 mg; Vitamin E : 1000 mg; Carrier : Q.S. Benefits : • Prevents and controls the stress caused to shrimp/ prawn due to various kinds • Keeps the animals active and energetic phase • Helps to grow fast and to get more body weights • Helps for better collagen formation and attain strong muscles for better swimming • Acts as best immuno modulator and makes the animals fit for fight against disease situation • Acts as best antioxidant and develops the new tissues rapidly • Helps for more survivals Dosage : 2 gm/kg of pellets (or) as per advice of an aqua consultant Application : Take recommended quantity of aqua C & E, mix with 20 ml of Immuno Bind (or) Bind all and apply to 1 kg of pellets. Dry the pellets under the cool shade for 30 minutes before feeding. Presentation : 200 gm., 500 gm., 1 kg.
  • For Pond Freshner, Growth Promoter & Toxic Gassess Reducer Composition : Aqua Fresh is a blend of special selective sps of beneficial bacteria(B. Subtillis) and digestive enzymes (Feed grade).added with yucca powder Benefits : • Eliminates Ammonia from the pond bottom as well as in the pond water • Relieves from the stress of aquatic animals caused due to toxic gases • Prevents the production of toxic gases like Ammonia, Hydrogen sulphide etc. • Reduces the pathogenic microbial load by competing for same food  source by the probiotic present in Aqua       Fresh • Improves feed intake and so helps for fast growth and better body weight • Reduces the sludge volume in the pond bottom by effective bio-deg  radation • Helps for more freshness of pond and aquatic animals there by animals feels nil stress. Dosage : In Pond : 1 mtr. water depth 250 gm -500 gm / one Acre / once in 15 days Application : Mix recommended quantity of Aqua Fresh in 50-100 kg of sand and broadcast all over the pond uniformly. In Feed : 1 kg. / metric ton of feed (or) as advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation : 500 gm., 1 kg.
  • Aqua Feed Supplement For Better Pond Performance Composition : AQUA PROMIN is a highly specialized preparation with micro orgaic mineral compounds with Bacillus group probiotics & HSCAS (Feed grade). Benefits : In Pond: • Acts as best natural food to aquatic animals and helps for fast growths and immunity • Prevents the production of Toxic gases • Controls the Toxic gases already formed • Reduces the water Turbidity • Makes the Pond water clean & Clear • Develops plankton levels • Regulates Pond Temperature • Regulates moulting process • Regulates mineral balances • Prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria and such diseases • Improves dissolved oxygen levels • Prawn / Fish becomes healthy and active • Prawn / Fish relieved from stress • Bottom sludge reduced • Animal takes feed normally and grows better In Feed : • Minerals with helps the animals for more strength, growth, moulting and helps for better body weights • Probiotics will make the gut more healthy active. Helps for better feeding, growth & body weights • Zeolite will helps the animals for better conditioning of the gut which helps for growth & body weights. Dosage : Prawn & Fish Tanks : For Pond Preparation : 50-100 kg. / Acre During Culture : 10 kg. / Acre once in 3 weeks In Fish Feed : 2 kg / ton of feed (or) as advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation : 20 kg. bucket
  • Highly Concentrated Probiotic with Enzymes for Aquaculture Composition : Bacten is a high specialty multi probiotics with enzymes (Feed grade). Benefits:
    • Improves water quality with growth of heatly plankton
    • Prevents the formation of toxic gases
    • Reduces the bottom sludge
    • Minimizes the growth of Pathogenic bacterial loads
    • Reduces the stress
    • Prevents the growth of excess plankton and harmful blue - green algae
    • Prevents Vibrio/LB (Luminous bacteria) from animal body & Pond water
    • Allow more stocking rate
    • Helps for less water exchange
    In Feed : • Improves gut health • Animal become active • More healthy / Better growth rate, more body weight, Better survivals, more production etc., Dosage : 1. Use in water : Dosage : 250gm - 500gm/one Acre / 1 -2 weeks intervals. Application : In Pond : Mix recommended quantity of Bacten in 25-50 liters of water and apply in the pond water. 2. In Feed : Dosage : 1 gm/kg of feedz continously 2 days in a week (or) as advised by an aqua consultant Presentation : 200 gm., 500 gm., 1 kg.  
  • Growth Promoter Binder Benefits : • Acts as best carrier to administer powders form supplements to Shrimp / Prawn. • Mixes easily with all powders and carries safely without wastage of powders. • It will not dissolve easily in water and provides full protection to the powders administering. • Possess attractive flavours and masks the original flavours of powders which helps the animals to feed well. • Helps to grow better and to gain better body weights as it possess nutrient value. Dosage : 20 m l / kg of shrimp feed. Application : Mix recommended quantity of Powder form supplements in 20 ml of BINDALL and apply to 1 kg of pellet feed. Dry the feed under cool shade for 30 minutes before feeding Presentation : 1 ltr., 5 ltr., 20 ltr.
  • Aqua Probiotic in Liquid Composition : Concentrated Biological preparation with beneficial bacteria.... i.e. Rhodococcus and Rhodobacter
    • Acts as best natural food to prawn/fish which helps for fast growths, body weights
    • Inhibits the growth of pathogenic micro organisms
    • Reduces the sludge volume
    • Improves the desired water coloration
    • Helps the culture animals to grow faster and healthy
    • Reduces the toxic gases • Develops Phytoplankton bloom
    • Liquefies orginicic particles in water.
    Dosage : Use in pond water : 5 - 10 Lit/ one Acre pond water/ 1 -2 weeks intervals During High risk conditions : Apply the double of regular dosage (or) as advised by an aqua consultant. In Feed : 10 ml. / kg. of feed 7-10 days in a month. Special Notes: It is preferable to apply the BIOSOL AQUA-PS during sunny day around(09:00 - 11:00 Am) for better performance. Presentation : 1 ltr., 5 ltr., 20 ltr
  • Aqua Probiotics Composition : Beneficial Probiotic-Bacillus Subtillis and other probiotics added with Enzymes Benefits : In Pond
    • Acts as best natural food to shrimp and fish and helps for fast growths, body weights, health, immunity etc.
    • Cleans total ponds sediments
    • Prevents porduction of toxic gases
    • Arrests growth of bacterial pathogens
    • Makes pond water more purify and pollution free
    • Prevents the growth of excess algal bloom in water
    • Helps the culture animals to grow faster and healthy
    • More accumultions of bottom sludge
    • Prevents black soil formation in pond bottom
    • Acts as best growth promoter.
    In Feed :
    • Improves gut health
    • Animal become active
    • More health, growth, body weight
    Dosage : In Pond : 5-10 kg / one Acre pond / 1 - 2 weeks intervals In Feed : 5-10 gms./ kg. of feed 7 days in a month as a gut stabilizer, digestant & growth promoter (or) as advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation : 5 kg., 50 kg. drum (5 kg. x 10 Nos)
  • Growth Promoter& Energy Supplement Benefits : • Provides the require amino acids and helps to build good muscle structure and strength • Supplies all essential fatty acids and yields of high energy level to get more body weights • Supplies all require vitamins, minerals etc and solves nutrient deficiency symptoms • Promotes optimum health and immunity • Reduces stress from all levels and become more active • Increases fast growth rate and survivals • L e s s chances of susceptible diseases by pathogenic organisms • Quick healing from external infections, injuries and wounds • Regulate the moulting phase and relief from bad moult problems • Increases body weight and more production • Reduces crop period by 10- 15 % and production cost • Better appetite and lower FCR • Acts as agent for fast growth and more weight. Dosage : Vannamei Culture : 10 ml / kg of pellet / continuously 2-3 days in week. Monodon Culture : 5 ml / kg of pellet / continuously 2-3 days in week (or) as per advice of an aqua consultant. Application : Mix the require quantity of BUILDER in feed and apply to the pond after drying few minutes. Presentation : 1 ltr.
  • Caluium and Magnesium (Nutrient Supplement) Benefits : • Covers the minerals balance in shrimp and pond water and helps for better health & growth • Promotes fast growth of exoskeleton and body growth • Prevents mineral deficiency in pond water • Protects from soft shell syndrome • Regularizes the moult cycles • Increases survival and body weight rate • Prevents anti cramping muscle in shrimps • Suitable for low & high salinity culture system • Reduces stress and disease infection • Prevents cannibalism and mortalities • Promotes successful crop and more profits. In Feed: Animals become more strong, develops good muscle, health, growths and body weights. Dosage : Regular Use : 20 kg / one acre water area / every 1-2 week intervals. In Mineral deficiency / Molt period / Soft shell and cramping : 30 kg / one acre water area. In Feed : 10-20 gm. / kg. of feed regularly (or) 7 days in a month. (or) as per advice of an aqua consultant. Application : Apply CALCIMAG directly spreading all over the culture pond. Presentation : 20 kg.
  • For Fast Absorbing Minerals in Shrimp Composition : Mixture of chelated minerals like Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc & Humic acid in appropriate proporations. Benefits
    • Minerals readily adsorbed by shrimp and helps for fast growths
    • Prevents & cramp body disease
    • Resists to the effects of stress
    • Reduces the incidence of CMS (Croup Muscle Syndrome) due to lacking of K
    • Helps to balance the minerals in shrimps body and water
    • Provides Na, K for stable osmotic pressure ( Na / K pump)
    • Humic Acid increases the immune system for shrimp
    • Helps for better muscle strength & growth.
    Dosage : In Pond Water : 10 kg / Acre pond water /2-3 weeks intervals Mix With Feed: 10-20 gms / kg of feed, feeding up 1-2 times / day for 3-4 days in a week. Application : Diluting with water and then spray all over the pond (or) as per advice of an aqua consultant. Presentation : 10 kg. bag  
  • DO Improver & Performance Booster Composition : Calcium, sodium added with probiotics (Feed grade). Benefits : In pond:

    • Helps for quick relax, better feeding & growth • Prevents the stress occurred to shrimp / prawn due to low dissolved oxygen levels in aquaculture ponds • Detoxifies harmful toxic gases and substances like Nitrites, Hydrogen sulphide, Sulphur dioxides etc which cause heavy stress to aquatic animals • Activates the function of probiotics for better bio degradation and sludge consumption which helps for stoppage of production of toxic gases • Saves the shrimps/prawn from mass mortalities occurs due to heavy toxic gas formations and    sudden      depletion of dissolved oxygen contents • Developed dissolved oxygen rapidly and maintains for longer time in the ponds

    In Feed : Helps for better growth and body weights. Dosage : 1-2 kg / one Acre pond water / 2 - 3 weeks intervals.. In Feed: 1 kg / ton fo feed as a growth promoter and performance booster (or) as advised by an aqua consultant. Application : Apply directly in the pond water uniformly. Presentation : 1 kg., 2 kg.