• An Agent of Bottom Sludge Degradation and Soil Improver in Aquaculture Ponds in Cake Form. Composition : SOIL STAR contains powerful waste digesting enzymes and specifically selected strains of enzymes producing bacteria (Thiobacillus sp, Bacillus sp, Rhodococcus sp, Rhodobactor sp, Pseudomonas sp., Streptococcus sp ,Nitrobacter sp, Nitromonas sp) to degrade all the principle organic constituents normally found in shrimp / fish ponds bottom soil environment Benefits : In Pond: • Faster degradation of organic matters such as Protein, Lipid, Carbohydrate, Cellulose, NH3, NO2, NO3, H2S, and Phosphate. • Inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms particularly Vibrio. • Improves nutrient level, dissolved oxygen, and blooming of phytoplankton. • Significantly reduces the gas bubbles and odor in the pond generated by the dark mud at the bottom of the pond. Prevents formation of black soil sediments. • Prevents and controls the formation of sludge in pond bottom.. • Improves soil & water quality. • Liquefies organic substrates in ponds bottom soils environment. • Prevents the growth of undesirable pathogenic bacteria to proliferate. • Increases oxygen transfer into soil. Dosage : Shrimp Culture ponds : 15 -20 no cakes/ one acre with one meter water depth in 1-2 weeks interval Scampi /Fish Culture ponds : 10-15 no cakes/ one acre with one meter water depth in 3-4 weeks interval (or) as per advice of aqua consultant. Application : Apply cakes directly throughout the pond uniformly and mainly in feeding zone areas. In Feed : Crush the cake, make the powder give - 5 grams / in kg of feed 7 days in a month. Presentation : 1 Kg
  • Chelated Minerals Added With Silicates Composition : Chelated calcium, Phosphorus with Aluminium Silicates (Minerals) in suitable proportion (Feed grade). Benefits : • Helps for more feeding, growth and body weights. • Enhances dissolved oxygen quickly in pond water. • Maintain proper alkalinity in pond water. • Prevents ammonia, nitrites, and other toxic compounds from pond water. • Supports more freshness to shrimps. • Shrimps are stress free and more active. • Prevents excess algal blooms in pond water. Dosage : In Feed : 10 gm per kg of feed 7 days in a month as a growth promoter. In Pond : 5 kg - 10 kg / one Acre pond water / in 7-10 days intervals. During low DO Level : 10 kg - 20 kg / one Acre pond water.
  • Highly Concentrated Probiotic with Enzymes for Aquaculture Composition : Bacten is a high specialty multi probiotics with enzymes (Feed grade). Benefits:
    • Improves water quality with growth of heatly plankton
    • Prevents the formation of toxic gases
    • Reduces the bottom sludge
    • Minimizes the growth of Pathogenic bacterial loads
    • Reduces the stress
    • Prevents the growth of excess plankton and harmful blue - green algae
    • Prevents Vibrio/LB (Luminous bacteria) from animal body & Pond water
    • Allow more stocking rate
    • Helps for less water exchange
    In Feed : • Improves gut health • Animal become active • More healthy / Better growth rate, more body weight, Better survivals, more production etc., Dosage : 1. Use in water : Dosage : 250gm - 500gm/one Acre / 1 -2 weeks intervals. Application : In Pond : Mix recommended quantity of Bacten in 25-50 liters of water and apply in the pond water. 2. In Feed : Dosage : 1 gm/kg of feedz continously 2 days in a week (or) as advised by an aqua consultant Presentation : 200 gm., 500 gm., 1 kg.  
  • For Fast Absorbing Minerals in Shrimp Composition : Mixture of chelated minerals like Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc & Humic acid in appropriate proporations. Benefits
    • Minerals readily adsorbed by shrimp and helps for fast growths
    • Prevents & cramp body disease
    • Resists to the effects of stress
    • Reduces the incidence of CMS (Croup Muscle Syndrome) due to lacking of K
    • Helps to balance the minerals in shrimps body and water
    • Provides Na, K for stable osmotic pressure ( Na / K pump)
    • Humic Acid increases the immune system for shrimp
    • Helps for better muscle strength & growth.
    Dosage : In Pond Water : 10 kg / Acre pond water /2-3 weeks intervals Mix With Feed: 10-20 gms / kg of feed, feeding up 1-2 times / day for 3-4 days in a week. Application : Diluting with water and then spray all over the pond (or) as per advice of an aqua consultant. Presentation : 10 kg. bag  
  • Aqua Probiotic for Better Performance Composition : Bacillus group probiotics (Feed grade) with enzymes. Benefits:In pond
    • Acts as best natural food, fast growths and body weights.
    • Reduces the suspended organic sludge.
    • Depresses the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.
    • Eliminates of toxic gases. • Improve the stable water quality.
    • Controls the excess plankton growths.
    • Reduces the formation of black soil in pond bottom.
    • Promotes Eco-friendly pond environment.
    • Reduces stress.
    In Feed : • Improves gut health. • Promotes better growth & body weight. • Helps for better production & more survivals. Dosage & Application : In Pond : 2.5 kg - 5 kg / one Acre pond water / 1 -2 weeks intervals Application : Spread the product directly into ponds. It should be applied in the morning from 8-9 am. In Feed : 10 grams / 1 kg of feed 7-10 days in a month (or) as advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation : 5 kg., 50 kg. (5 kg. pouch x 10 Nos)