• Perfect acidifier and gut conditioner for Piglets Advantages:  It makes gastrointestinal tract acidic and improves its functions at optimum level.  Improves feed digestion and efficiency.  Improves growth in piglets  Prevents the dietary diarrhea.  Improves the FCR & increases the body weight. Administration : In drinking water: Piglets : Dilute at ratio of 1ml of “ACIDOL” per 1 litre of drinking water for 3 consecutive days. (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian, as per the requirement Presentation: 1 ltr., 5 Ltr.
  • Natural Additive to Improve performance in Pigs Advantages :  It has unique garlic flavor  It contains allicin that increases nutrient utilization.  Activates the endocrine organs to make animal active & healthy.  Improves general health & productivity of the animal.  Improves the resistance power against diseases.  Strengthen the immune system. Administration: In feed : Swine : Grower/ Finisher : 1 kg per ton of feed Piglets: 1.5-2 kg per ton of feed. (or) as directed by veterinarian. Presentation: 1 kg, 25 kg.
  • To improve reproductive functions in pig Advantages:  It improves the libido of the animal.  Improves the conception rate.  Reduces the interfarrowing period.  Prevents the cystic ovary.  Prevents the abortion & still-birth. Administration: In feed: 25 to 50 gm per animal (as per the requirement & the health condition of the animal) (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 1kg.
  • Advantages:  Maintains the osmotic pressure in the animal body & prevents the dehydration in extreme climatic conditions (intense heat or cold).  Betaine HCL is an osmolyte that helps to maintain water homeostasis and cell integrity, which is essential during heat stress.  Prevents the various stress due to high climate or diseases.  Helps to improve growth and performance  Improves the digestive functions.  Improves the immunity. Administration: In feed: Pigs : 0.5 to 1 kg of the “BETAZYME MIX” per metric ton of feed. (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 10kg (1kg x 10)
  • Pure herbal solution for digestive problem Benefits:  Helps to prevent and correct digestive disorders in pigs.  Highly useful in diarrhea, dysentery, loss of appetite etc. and also in digestive diseases caused by various infections.  It has properties like-Astringent, Carminative, Anti-protozoan,- Anti-spasmodic, Antiinflammatory etc.  It reduces Gastro-intestinal motility.  It corrects indigestion.  It has antibacterial activity and immunomodulatory effect.  It acts as a gastro protectant.  Also it helps to correct hepatic dysfunctions Dosage: for 3-5 days: In drinking water 1 to 2 ml per 1 litre of drinking water (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 5 Ltr.
  • Medium Chain Fatty Acid Advantages:  Improves intestinal health and helps to increase feed digestion at optimum level  Helps to minimize gut pathogens Administration: In feed : For general administration: 1 Kg per ton of feed for 2-3 weeks. For intensive administration: 2 Kg per ton of feed for 2-3 weeks. (or) as advised by a veterinarian Presentation: 1kg, 5 kg, 10 kg.
  • Vitamins and Minerals tonic for better health Indications:  It provides all important nutrients to animals to maintain their general health and to enhance individual performance.  Prevent and treat vitamin and mineral deficiency.  Increase appetite which helps to improve growth  Highly recommended in poor growth, poor performance or during various diseases for rapid recovery  Improve feed conversion. Dosage and administration: Administer via drinking water. Pigs: Weaning animals: 0.5 to 1 ml per animal/ day Growing animals : 1 to 2 ml per animal/day Adults: 2 to 4 ml per animal/day (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian, as per the animal requirement. Presentation: 5 Ltr.
  • To Stimulate Immune System Advantages:  It stimulates the immune system.  It reduces the stress.  Essential Vitamins & minerals, help to improve general health of piglets  Better result in vaccination management. Administration: Piglets : 5-10 gm per day orally. (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 1 kg.
  • Special perpetration for better health of Piglets Benefits:  IRON PRO Piglet is a special perpetration of probiotics,herbs with iron and vitamin B to prevent anemia in piglets  It provides all essentials to keep piglets healthy and active.  IRON PRO Piglet is rich in Dextrose which provide energy source during early days of life.  It contains S. boulardii, herbs with Kaolin which helps to improve digestive functions in piglets.  Spirulina in IRON PRO Piglet is one of the richest source of Protein and also a useful for antibodies production.  IRON PRO Piglet reduces stress and keeps piglets active. Dosage: Piglets: 1 kg/ton of feed (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Dosage: 5 kg.
  • Water Soluble Liquefied Calcium with Vitamin D Advantages:  Prevents the calcium deficiency by absorbing highly concentrated & bioavailable calcium.  Prevents Vitamin D deficiency.  Reduces stress in the birds.  Improves the egg production & egg quality.  Helps to reduce drip loss Administration : Pigs (adult): 10-15 ml/animal/day for 10 days Piglets: 2 ml/animal/day for 10 days (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian as per the animal requirement. Presentation: 5 ltr.
  • Vitamin K3- Haemostatic for Pig Advantages: Helps to coagulate blood during all hemorrhagic conditions Highly useful in conditions like Coccidiosis, Necrotic enteritis, swine dysentery etc. Administration: Orally: Swine: Drinking water: 1 ml in 2 liters of water for 5-7 days. (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian, as per the requirement of animal health condition. Presentation: 1 Ltr.
  • Probiotic with Dextrose Specially for Pig Advantages :  Maintains the microflora in the digestive tract.  Improves digestion and feed efficacy  It promotes the growth.  Prevents digestive problems like diarrhea  It helps to reduce stress. Administration: In feed: Suckling piglets: 2 gm per animal per day or 1500 gm per ton of feed. Weaned pigs / Sows / Finishers: 2 gm per animal per day or 750 to 1000 gm per ton of feed. (or) as advised by a veterinarian Presentation: 1 kg, 5 kg.