• To Control Diarrhoea Composition:: Each kg contains: Kaolin Bacillus subtilis Bacillus licheniformis Lactobacillus sporogenes Lactobacillus casei Saccharomyces cerevisiae Vitamin B1 Vitamin B6 Xylanase (enzyme) Protein Hydrolysate Dextrose & Electrolytes : Q.S. Excipients : Q.S. Advantages:
    • Special remedy to control piglet diarrhoea
    • It contains Kaolin which useful to control diarrhoea/dysentery.
    • The probiotics helps to maintain gut health and to improve digestive functions.
    • It combats the nutrient loss that occurs in diarrhoea/dysentery. It supplies vitamin B1& B6, dextrose, electrolytes and proteins to get instant energy that helps to overcome from nutrient loss in severe diarrhoea
    • Highly useful during diarrhoea, dysentery, indigestion etc.
    DOSAGE: Pigs: 25 gm twice daily (morning & evening), till solve the problem (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian Presentation: 1kg & 5 kg
  • Herbal solution for Respiratory problems Composition:: Each 1 ltr contains: Adhatoda vasica : 10 gm Ephedra gerardiana : 6 gm Hedychium spicatium : 6 gm Solanum xanthocarpum : 6 gm Cassia occidentalis : 6 gm Saussurea lappa : 6 gm Alpinia kulanjana : 6 gm Terminalia bellirica : 6 gm Glycyrhiza glabra : 6 gm Eucalyptus globules : 4 gm Achorus calamus : 4 gm Abies webbiana : 4 gm Calotropis procera : 5 gm Pistacia integerrima : 5 gm Zingiber officinalis : 6 gm Piper nigrum : 4 gm Piper longum : 4 gm Ocimum sanactum : 6 gm DM Water as carrier : up to 1000 ml Benefits:
    • “Breath-Herb” contains selective herbs having functional properties which are useful to treat respiratory problems.
    • It acts as an expectorant to relieve respiratory distresses like-Coughing, Sneezing, Sinusitis, Laryngitis, Pharyngitis etc.
    • Helps to strengthen respiratory system & keeps it optimum functional
    • Helps to excrete mucus thereby it keeps the respiratory tract clean.
    • Regular use of “Breath-Herb-liquid” helps to prevent discomforts of respiratory tract and possibilities of secondary infections.
    Dosage: Pigs: Liquid: Piglets: 5ml per animal daily for 5 days. Adults: 10 to 15 ml per animal for 5 days Powder: 1 to 2 kg of “Breath-Herb-powder” in 1 ton of feed, for 3-5 days. (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian. Presentation:5 Ltr & 5 kg
  • Herbal perpetration with Kaolin for digestive problems Composition:: : Each 1kg contains Light Kaolin : 100 g Tinospora cordifolia : 30 g Holarrhena antidysenterica : 30 g Punica granatum extract : 20 g Cyperus rotundus : 20 g Acacia catechu : 20 g Aegle marmelos extract : 20 g Woodfordia fruiticosa extract : 20 g Andrographis paniculata extract : 20 g Zingiber officinale : 20 g Excipients : q.s. Advantages:
    • It contains natural sources, helps to improve digestive health
    • Useful to control non specific diarrhoea caused due to various reasons.
    • Helps to control digestive problems or disorders very effectively
    Dosage and Administration:Administer 1-2 kg per ton of feed according to the severity of diarrhoea Presentation: 1 kg.
  • To Increase Milk Production in Milking Sow Composition:: : Each 5gm bolus contains Calcium Lactate Niacin DL-Methionine L-Lysine Vitamin A Pantothenic acid Leptadenia reticulata Asparagus racemosus Dextrose Advantages:
    • Helps to increase milk production in milking sow, highly useful in lactation failure or less milk production
    • For better milk composition/milk quality
    • It is useful in the event of large litter size
    • Lactating mother supplies good nutrient values through milk that nourishes new-borns properly
    Administration:Milking sows: 1 to 2 bolus / animal daily, (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian Presentation: 50 bolus pouch
  • Fertility Improver Bolus for Sow Composition:: Each 4gm tablet contains: Vitamin A Vitamin E Iron Iodine Selenium Copper Cobalt Zinc Manganese Advantages:
    • Vitamin and mineral tablet specially for sow, easy to administer and to improve breeding efficiency & productivity
    • Helps to improve litter size
    • It is also useful to correct reproductive disorders including anoestrous conditions in sow
    • Highly useful for proper conceiving & development of embryo
    • It supplies important nutrients to improve skeletal system & proper growth in new-borns
    • Can be given to lactating sow, so it helps to achieve uniform growth of the piglets through sow’s milk
    Administration:At the time of breeding: (for conceiving & Embryo development) : 1 to 2 Bolus/ sow for 10 days For effective foetus development & parturition : 1 to 2 Bolus / sow for 10 days Lactating sows :1 Bolus / sow for 10 days (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian Presentation: 10kg (1kg x 10)
  • Fertility Improver & Performance Booster Composition: Each kg contains: Vitamin E Selenium MOS L – Lysine DL – Methionine L - Tryptophan L – Threonine Herb (Tribulus terretris) Excipients: Q.S. Benefits:
    • Unique formula contains vitamin E & selenium with prebiotic, amino acids and herb. It helps to improve fertility and performance in pigs.
    • Highly recommended in poor litter size, poor growth & poor fertility
    • To improve performance in breeding animals
    • x Useful in frequent infections or diseases to improve immunity
    Dosage: In feed: Add in Pig feed: 200 gm per ton of feed for 7 days, in a month programme (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian Presentation: 1kg., 5 kg & 25 kg.
  • Concentrated Tocopherol with Vitamin B1 for Pig Composition:Each kg contains: DL-alpha-Tocopherol Acetate : 100,000 IU Vitamin B1 : 3,000 mg Immune Polysaccharide : 5000 mg Excipients : Q.S. Advantages:
    • Prevents encephalomalacia & breeding disorders.
    • Helps for early weaning and growth promotion.
    • Improves reproductive functions and fertility
    • Prevents the yellow fat disease & exudative diathesis.
    Administration: Pig: 0.5 to 1.5 gm per animal daily. (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 100 gm, 1 kg.
  • Enzyme Feed Additive specially for Pigs Composition: Each Kg contains Cellulase Xylanase Amylase Pectinase Pancreatin Pepsin Lipase Phytase Advantages:
    • Special enzyme feed premix, to be add regularly in pig feed, to improve efficiency & proper utilization of the feed
    • Improves feed digestion
    • Improves bioavailability of nutrients
    • Improves growth & FCR
    • Prevents loose droppings
    • Helps to maximum utilization of nutrients available in the feed
    Dosage: Add in pig feed: 500 gm to 1 kg per ton of feed (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian Presentation: 1 kg, 5 kg & 25 kg
  • To improve appetite & growth in Pigs Composition:Each 1 kg contains: Saccharin : 25 % Citric acid : 3000 mg Vitamin E : 1000 mg Glucose : Q. S. Natural sweetener : Q. S. Advantages:
    • Increases the appetite therefore increases the feed intake by animal.
    • Z Allows to animal to take enough quantity of feed during diseases/infections that helps in rapid recover.
    • Helps to reduce stress
    • It stimulates digestive secretions which improves feed digestion and nutrients absorptions.
    • Highly useful in loss of appetite cases
    Administration:In feed: Pigs: 200-500 gm per ton of feed. (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 1kg., 25 kg.
  • Liver Stimulant & Growth Promoter for Pigs Composition:Each ltr/kg contains Choline Chloride Vitamin B12 Inositol DL-Methionine Vitamin C Niacin Protein hydrolysate Phyllanthus niruri (herb) Dextrose : Q.S. Yeast : Q.S. Advantages:
    • Special preparation for pig to stimulate & improve liver functions
    • Helps to correct live disorders
    • Improves feed intake and feed digestion
    • Improves growth, weight gain and FCR
    • Highly recommended in poor growth & poor body weight
    Dosage : In feed: Powder: Add in swine feed: 1.5 to 2 Kg per ton of feed Liquid: Piglets :5-10 ml/animal for 7-10 days Adults : 30-50 ml/animal for 7-10 days (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian Presentation: Powder : 5 kg & 25 kg Liquid : 1 ltr. & 5 ltr.
  • Digestive perpetration with Calcium for Piglets Composition:Each kg contains: Calcium phosphate, Dibasic : 24 gm Rumen extract stabilized : 20 gm Dried Yeast : 200 gm Sorbitol : 20 gm Excipients : Q.S. Advantages:
    • It improves the feed efficiency & promotes the growth
    • It improves the gastrointestinal functions.
    • It maintains the normal intestinal flora therefore improves the digestion & prevents the diarrhoea
    Administration: Through feed or drinking water Swine: Piglets : 5-10 gm / animal /day administer everyday from birth to 5 days old. Weanling Piglets : 20-30 gm/animal/day administer once or twice. (or) as advised by a veterinarian Presentation:1 kg.
  • Trace Mineral Supplements for Pigs Composition:Each Kg contains: Iron Copper Cobalt Iodine Zinc Manganese Selenium Benefits:
    • It is specially prepared supplement for pigs contains all important trace minerals which plays crucial role to improve growth and proper development in pigs
    • Routine trace mineral supplement, to add in pig & piglet feed, to improve metabolism, bone and muscle development.
    • It prevents anaemia and scaly skin.
    Dosage: Add in pig feed: 1 kg per Ton of feed (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian Presentation: 5 kg & 25 kg
  • Special perpetration for better health of Piglets Composition:(Each kg contains): Pseudomonas fluorescence : 2x108 cfu S.boularii : 2x108 cfu Iron compound : 500 mg Folic Acid : 250 mcg Vitamin B12 : 500 mcg Leptadenia reticulata : 10 g Spirulina : 5 gm Asparagus ramosus : 10 g Electrolytes: : Q.S. MOS : Q.S Benefits:
    • I“IRON-PRO Sow” is a special perpetration of probiotics, herbs with iron & vitamin B to prevent anaemia
    • It provides all essentials to keep sow healthy and active.
    • It contains S. boulardii and MOS, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulator. Also it helps to improve digestive functions.
    • Spirulina in IRON-PRO Sow is one of the richest source of Protein & also useful for antibodies production.
    • It helps to increase milk production in lactating sow.
    Dosage: : In Feed Sow: 500 gm to 1 kg per ton of feed continuously Presentation: 5 kg.
  • Excellent Growth Promoter Tonic for Piglets Composition: Each ltr. contains Iron Vitamin B12 Folic Acid Vitamin K Vitamin A Copper DL-Methionine L-Lysine S. boulardii : 2 x 109 cfu Excipients : Q.S. Benefits:
    • Speciallyprepared nutritional tonic for piglets to improve health & growth
    • This specific nutritional tonic helps to improve growth rapidly in piglets, also it can be given to adults in poor conditions
    • It supplies important nutrients to the animal to correct- piglet anaemia, inappetence, poor health, scaly skin etc.
    • Iron along with copper improves metabolic functions and blood formation. Folic Acid and vitamin B12 help in RBC formation
    • Amino acids provide energy. Vitamin A repairs tissues and supports for healthy skin and Vitamin K protects against bleeding
    • Yeast helps to maintain gut health
    Dosage: Piglets : 10 to 20 ml /animal for 10 days Adults : 30 ml/ animal for 7-8 days (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian Presentation: 1kg., 25 kg.
  • Special perpetration for better health of Piglets Composition:(Each kg contains): Pseudomonas fluorescence : 2x108 cfu S.boularii : 2x108 cfu Iron Compound: : 100 mg Folic Acid : 250 mcg Vitamin B12 : 500 mcg Spirulina : 20 g Holarrhena antidysenterica : 10 g Phyllanthus emblica : 10 g Dextrose : Q.S. Light Kaolin : Q.S. Benefits:
    • IRON PRO Piglet is a special perpetration of probiotics,herbs with iron and vitamin B to prevent anemia in piglets
    • It provides all essentials to keep piglets healthy and active.
    • IRON PRO Piglet is rich in Dextrose which provide energy source during early days of life.
    • It contains S. boulardii, herbs with Kaolin which helps to improve digestive functions in piglets.
    • Spirulina in IRON PRO Piglet is one of the richest source of Protein and also a useful for antibodies production.
    • IRON PRO Piglet reduces stress and keeps piglets active.
    Dosage: Piglets: 1 kg/ton of feed (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 5 kg.
  • Vitamins and Minerals tonic for better health Composition Each 1 litre contains: Vitamin A : 4,000,000 IU Vitamin D3 : 800,000 IU Vitamin E : 1,600 mg Vitamin K3 : 800 mg Vitamin B1 : 2,000 mg Vitamin B2 : 1,000 mg Vitamin B6: 1,000 mg Vitamin B12 : 1 mg Vitamin C : 1,000 mg Folic acid : 100 mg Choline chloride : 10,000 mg Lysine : 500 mg Methionine : 500 mg Magnesium : 1,000 mg Calcium : 2,000 mg Zinc : 1,500 mg Excipients : Q.S. Indications:
    • It provides all important nutrients to animals to maintain their general health and to enhance individual performance.
    • Prevent and treat vitamin and mineral deficiency.
    • Increase appetite which helps to improve growth
    • Highly recommended in poor growth, poor performance or during various diseases for rapid recovery
    • Improve feed conversion.
    Dosage and administration: Administer via drinking water. Pigs: Weaning animals: 2 to 5 ml per animal/day Growing animals : 5 ml per animal/day Adults: 5 to 10 ml per animal/day (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian, as per the animal requirement. Presentation: 5 Ltr.
  • Pure herbal solution for digestive problem Composition: Each 1 ltr contains: Punica granatum : 12 gm Aegle marmelos : 12 gm Tinospora cordifolia : 12 gm Cyperus rotundus : 10 gm Acacia catechu : 10 gm Holarrhena antidysentrica : 8 gm Salmalia malabrica : 8 gm Calotropis procera : 8 gm Berberis aristata : 8 gm Helicteres isora : 6 gm Allium savitum : 6 gm DM Water as carrier : upto1000 ml Benefits:
    • Helps to prevent and correct digestive disorders in pigs.
    • Highly useful in diarrhea, dysentery, loss of appetite etc. also in digestive diseases caused by various infections.
    • It has properties like-Astringent, Carminative, Anti-protozoan,- Anti-spasmodic, Anti-inflammatory etc.
    • It reduces Gastro-intestinal motility.
    • It corrects indigestion.
    • It has antibacterial activity and immuno-modulatory effect.
    • It acts as a gastro protectant.
    • Also it helps to correct hepatic dysfunctions
    Dosage: Liquid: Piglets: 5ml per animal daily for 5 days. Adults: 10 to 15 ml per animal for 5 days (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 5 Ltr.
  • Betaine HCL with Enzymes Composition:1 Kg contains Betaine HCl : 100 gm Cellulase : 20,000 IU Protease : 125,000 IU Alpha-Amylase : 100,000 IU Ascorbic acid : 100 gm Tocopherol acetate : 2,000 IU Sodium bicarbonate : 30 gm Zinc(Zinc Sulphate) : 1,000 mg Excipients : Q. S. Advantages:
    • Maintains the osmotic pressure in the animal body & prevents the dehydration in extreme climatic conditions (intense heat or cold).
    • Betaine HCL is an osmolyte that helps to maintain water homeostasis & cell integrity, which is essential during heat stress.
    • Prevents the various stress due to high climate or diseases.
    • Helps to improve growth and performance
    • Improves the digestive functions.
    • Improves the immunity.
    Administration: In feed: Pigs : 0.5 to 1 kg of the “BETAZYME MIX” per metric ton of feed.(or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 10kg (1kg x 10)
  • Probiotics with Enzymes for Pigs Composition: Each 1 kg contains: Saccharomyces cerevisiae : 5x109 cfu Bacillus subtilis : 2x109 cfu Aspergillus oryzae : 2x10 cfu Cellulase : 5,000 unit Alpha amylase : 200,000 unit Xylanase : 200 mg Excipients : Q. S. Advantages :
  • Improves feed digestion and feed efficiency
  • Increases weight gain in piglets
  • Improves growth and performance in all age of animals
  • Reduces the intestinal ammonia production.
  • Improves the immunity
  • Administration: In feed: Pigs: 1 to 2 kg of “PROTIZYME” per metric ton of feed. (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 25 kg.
  • Special Yeast culture perpetration for Pigs Composition: Each kg contain Saccharomyces cerevisiae : 5 x 109 cfu DL methionine : 1000 mg L-lysine : 1000 mg Vitamin A : 100000 IU Excipients : Q. S. Advantages :
  • Improves digestion & increases feed absorption rate.
  • Increases the feed efficiency.
  • Reduces pathogenic growth in digestive tract & helps to reduce digestive problems.
  • Helps to control diarrhoea.
  • Helps to maintain beneficial bacteria in digestive tract, which helps in feed digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Administration: In feed: Pigs: 1-2 kg per ton of feed (or) as advised by a veterinarian. Presentation: 25 kg.
  • Perfect acidifier and gut conditioner for Piglets Composition: Each 1 litre contains: Phosphoric acid : 50,000 mg Citric acid : 50,000 mg Lactic acid : 25,000 mg Cupric Sulphate Hydrate : 10,000 mg Excipients : Q.S. Advantages:
  • It makes gastrointestinal tract acidic and improves its functions at optimum level.
  • Improves feed digestion and efficiency.
  • Improves growth in piglets
  • Prevents the dietary diarrhoea.
  • Improves the FCR & increases the body weight.
  • Administration : In drinking water: Piglets : Dilute at ratio of 1ml of “ACIDOL” per 1 litre of drinking water for 3 consecutive days. (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian, as per the requirement Presentation: 1 ltr., 5 Ltr.
  • Nutritional tonic to enhance performance Composition: Each 1 litre contains: Vitamin B1 : 1000 mg Vitamin B6 : 1000 mg Vitamin B12 : 50 mcg Vitamin A : 500,000 IU Vitamin D3 : 100,000 IU Vitamin E : 1000 mg Lysine : 2000 mg DL Methionine : 3000 mg Tinospora cordifolia : 200 mg Excipients : Q.S. Advantages :
    • Highly useful in poor growth and poor performance in piglets, growers and adults.
    • Stimulates the immune system.
    • Reduces the stress.
    • Provides important nutrients to improve general health and activeness in animals
    • Better result in vaccination management.
    Administration: Pigs: Adults: 25 ml / animal / day till improve-ment. Young animals:10 ml / animal / day - till improvement. Growing animals: 15 ml / animal / day till improvement. (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian, as per the requirement of animal health condition Presentation : 1 Ltr.
  • Vitamin K3- Haemostatic for Pig Composition: Each 1 litre contains: Menadione Sodium Bisulphite : 80 gm Excipients : Q.S. Advantages:
    • Helps to coagulate blood during all haemorrhagic conditions
    • Highly useful in conditions like Coccidiosis, Necrotic enteritis, swine dysentery etc.
    Administration: Orally: Swine: Drinking water: 1 ml in 2 litres of water for 5-7 days. (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian, as per the requirement of animal health condition. Presentation: 1 Ltr.
  • Water Soluble Liquefied Calcium with Vitamin D Composition: Each litre contains: Vitamin D3 : 100000 IU Calcium : 32.4 gm Phosphors : 15.7 gm Magnesium : 14.6 gm Excipients : Q.S. Advantages:
    • Prevents the calcium deficiency by absorbing highly concentrated & bioavailable calcium.
    • Prevents Vitamin D deficiency.
    • Reduces stress in the birds.
    • Improves the egg production & egg quality.
    • Helps to reduce drip loss
    Administration : Pigs (adult):10-15 ml/animal/day for 10 days Piglets: 2 to 5 ml/animal/day for 10 days (Or) as advised by a Veterinarian as per the animal requirement. Presentation: 5 ltr.