For Prevention of Ammonia Production
in the Birds & Farms

Composition :
Origanum Vulgare (Oregano) : 25%
Alliu Sativum (Garlic) : 25%
Excipients : QS
Benefits :
1. Adsorbs the ammonia gas produced in the
intestine itself and expels out
2. Expelled ammonia will be in the bound form
and will not cause harm to environment.
3. Prevents the production of ammonia
in the gut.
4. Birds feel comfort and feels nil stress.
5. Birds maintains good health, immunity,
growth, body weights, egg productions etc
6. Prevents formation of noxic odours in the

Indications :

  • As a routine ammonia control feed additive.
  • As a performance booster.

Dosage :
100 gm/ ton of feed first 10 days later followed by
50gm/ton of feed continously (or) as advised by a

Presentation : 250 gm., 1 kg.