Prevents Ammonia & Nitrites Performance Booster

Composition :
Probiotics with Organic Minerals (Feed grade).


  • Rapidly prevents toxic ammonia levels from ponds
  • Prevents off odour & more efficient in Nitrogen Cycle Reduces sludge accumulation
  • Quickly bind ammonia and nitrites in the water and pond bottom • Transforms toxic compounds into other non-toxic nitrogen com pounds
  • Stimulates growth of useful bacteria and improves plankton development
  • Promotion of a healthy algal bloom
  • Restores healthy pond bottom
  • Increased survival and growth
  • Improves feed conversion.

In Feed :
Gut becomes active, improves feed intake, digestion, growth & health.
Dosage :
1-2 kg / one Acre pond water / 2 – 3 weeks intervals.
In Feed : 1 kg / ton of fish feed / 7 days in a month (or) as advised by an aqua consultant.
Application :
Take the recommended quantities of AMMOSOL and broadcast all over the pond uniformly.
Presentation : 1 kg.