Vitamin C & E Supplement

Composition : Each 100 gm. Contains (Feed grade): Ascorbic acid : 15,000 mg; Vitamin E : 1000 mg; Carrier : Q.S.

Benefits :
• Prevents and controls the stress caused to shrimp/ prawn due to
various kinds
• Keeps the animals active and energetic phase
• Helps to grow fast and to get more body weights
• Helps for better collagen formation and attain strong muscles for
better swimming
• Acts as best immuno modulator and makes the animals fit for fight
against disease situation
• Acts as best antioxidant and develops the new tissues rapidly
• Helps for more survivals

Dosage : 2 gm/kg of pellets (or) as per advice of an aqua consultant
Application : Take recommended quantity of aqua C & E, mix with 20 ml of Immuno Bind (or) Bind all and apply to 1 kg of pellets. Dry the pellets under the cool shade for 30 minutes before feeding.
Presentation : 200 gm., 500 gm., 1 kg.