For Pond Freshner, Growth Promoter & Toxic Gassess Reducer

Composition :
Aqua Fresh is a blend of special selective sps of beneficial bacteria(B. Subtillis) and digestive enzymes (Feed grade).added with yucca powder

Benefits :
• Eliminates Ammonia from the pond bottom as well as in the pond water
• Relieves from the stress of aquatic animals caused due to toxic gases
• Prevents the production of toxic gases like Ammonia, Hydrogen sulphide etc.
• Reduces the pathogenic microbial load by competing for same food  source by the probiotic present in Aqua       Fresh
• Improves feed intake and so helps for fast growth and better body weight
• Reduces the sludge volume in the pond bottom by effective bio-deg  radation
• Helps for more freshness of pond and aquatic animals there by animals feels nil stress.

Dosage :

In Pond : 1 mtr. water depth 250 gm -500 gm / one Acre / once in 15 days

Application :

Mix recommended quantity of Aqua Fresh in 50-100 kg of sand and broadcast all over the pond uniformly.
In Feed : 1 kg. / metric ton of feed (or) as advised by an aqua consultant.
Presentation : 500 gm., 1 kg.