Aqua Feed Supplement For Better Pond Performance

Composition :
AQUA PROMIN is a highly specialized preparation with micro orgaic mineral compounds with Bacillus group probiotics & HSCAS (Feed grade).

Benefits : In Pond:
• Acts as best natural food to aquatic animals and helps for fast
growths and immunity
• Prevents the production of Toxic gases
• Controls the Toxic gases already formed
• Reduces the water Turbidity
• Makes the Pond water clean & Clear
• Develops plankton levels
• Regulates Pond Temperature
• Regulates moulting process
• Regulates mineral balances
• Prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria and such diseases
• Improves dissolved oxygen levels
• Prawn / Fish becomes healthy and active
• Prawn / Fish relieved from stress
• Bottom sludge reduced
• Animal takes feed normally and grows better

In Feed :
• Minerals with helps the animals for more strength, growth, moulting
and helps for better body weights
• Probiotics will make the gut more healthy active. Helps for better
feeding, growth & body weights
• Zeolite will helps the animals for better conditioning of the gut which
helps for growth & body weights.
Dosage : Prawn & Fish Tanks :
For Pond Preparation : 50-100 kg. / Acre
During Culture : 10 kg. / Acre once in 3 weeks
In Fish Feed : 2 kg / ton of feed (or) as advised by an aqua consultant.
Presentation : 20 kg. bucket