Better Pond Health Performances and Health Improvement

AQUA PROMIN is a highly specialized preparation with micro-organic mineral compounds with Bacillus group probiotics (Feed grade) and HSCAS.


• Acts as best development of natural food for aquatic animals.
• Prevents the production of toxic gases.
• Reduces the water turbidity.
• Improves soil & water quality.
• Develops desired plankton levels.
• Improves DO levels & maintains stable water parameters.
• Regulates mineral balances & reduces bottom sludge.
• For Health Performances:
• Prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria and such diseases.
• Fish becomes healthy and active.
• Fish relieved from stress & more activeness.
Dosage : Use in Pond Water : 10-20 kg/Acre once in 2-3 weeks intervals.
Use in Feed : 2 Kg./Ton of feed 3-4 days. in a week regularly. (or) as advised by an Aqua consultant
Presentation : 20 Kg. bucket