Betaine HCL with Enzymes
Composition:1 Kg contains
Betaine HCl : 100 gm
Cellulase : 20,000 IU
Protease : 125,000 IU
Alpha-Amylase : 100,000 IU
Ascorbic acid : 100 gm
Tocopherol acetate : 2,000 IU
Sodium bicarbonate : 30 gm
Zinc(Zinc Sulphate) : 1,000 mg
Excipients : Q. S.


  • Maintains the osmotic pressure in the animal body &
    prevents the dehydration in extreme climatic conditions
    (intense heat or cold).
  • Betaine HCL is an osmolyte that helps to maintain
    water homeostasis & cell integrity, which is essential
    during heat stress.
  • Prevents the various stress due to
    high climate or diseases.
  • Helps to improve growth and performance
  • Improves the digestive functions.
  • Improves the immunity.

Administration: In feed:
Pigs : 0.5 to 1 kg of the “BETAZYME MIX”
per metric ton of feed.(or) as advised by a veterinarian.
Presentation: 10kg (1kg x 10)