Growth Promoter Binder

Benefits :
• Acts as best carrier to administer powders form supplements to Shrimp / Prawn.
• Mixes easily with all powders and carries safely without wastage of powders.
• It will not dissolve easily in water and provides full protection to the powders administering.
• Possess attractive flavours and masks the original flavours of powders which helps the animals to feed well.
• Helps to grow better and to gain better body weights as it possess nutrient value.

Dosage : 20 m l / kg of shrimp feed.
Application :
Mix recommended quantity of Powder form supplements in 20
ml of BINDALL and apply to 1 kg of pellet feed. Dry the feed
under cool shade for 30 minutes before feeding
Presentation : 1 ltr., 5 ltr., 20 ltr.