Mineral Supplement Formulated for Horses at stud


  • “BONETEND super” provides all essential minerals
    require for healthy bone growth and development.
  • “BONETEND super” provides essential co-factors, Vitamins A &
    D and folic acid for bone development.
  • “BONETEND super” specifically formulated for horses
    at stud and paddocked horses.
  • “BONETEND super” is useful & very Safe for pregnant
    mares, lactating mares, stallions and foals.
  • “BONETEND super” provides essential nutrition during
    early skeletal development for steady growth.
  • “BONETEND super” is formulated to meet the specific
    needs of paddocked and stud horses of all ages.
  • “BONETEND super” rectifies calcium and phosphorus
    deficiencies and incorrect ratios which negatively impact
    bone development and soundness. Ensures sound bone,
    tendon and ligament development and integrity.
  • “BONETEND super” allows proper utilization and deposition of
    calcium and phosphorus in bone and for red blood cell
  • “BONETEND super” is safely supplements and effectively
    balances vitamin and trace element deficiencies in pastured

Lactating mares: 60-150 gm daily.
Pregnant mares: 60-120 gm daily.
Weanlings: 60-120 gm daily.
Yearlings: 90-120 gm daily.
Dry mares: 60-90 gm daily.
Foals (creep fed): 15-45 gm daily.
Stallions: 60-90 gm daily.
(or) as advised by a veterinarian (or) equine specialist, depending upon animals requirement