Aqua Probiotics

Composition :
Beneficial Probiotic-Bacillus Subtillis and other probiotics added with Enzymes

Benefits : In Pond

  • Acts as best natural food to shrimp and fish and helps for fast growths, body weights, health, immunity etc.
  • Cleans total ponds sediments
  • Prevents porduction of toxic gases
  • Arrests growth of bacterial pathogens
  • Makes pond water more purify and pollution free
  • Prevents the growth of excess algal bloom in water
  • Helps the culture animals to grow faster and healthy
  • More accumultions of bottom sludge
  • Prevents black soil formation in pond bottom
  • Acts as best growth promoter.

In Feed :

  • Improves gut health
  • Animal become active
  • More health, growth, body weight

Dosage :
In Pond : 5-10 kg / one Acre pond / 1 – 2 weeks intervals
In Feed : 5-10 gms./ kg. of feed 7 days in a month as a gut stabilizer, digestant & growth promoter (or) as advised by an aqua consultant.

Presentation : 5 kg., 50 kg. drum (5 kg. x 10 Nos)