Growth Promoter& Energy Supplement

Benefits :
• Provides the require amino acids and helps to build good muscle structure and strength
• Supplies all essential fatty acids and yields of high energy level to get more body weights
• Supplies all require vitamins, minerals etc and solves nutrient deficiency symptoms
• Promotes optimum health and immunity
• Reduces stress from all levels and become more active
• Increases fast growth rate and survivals
• L e s s chances of susceptible diseases by pathogenic organisms
• Quick healing from external infections, injuries and wounds
• Regulate the moulting phase and relief from bad moult problems
• Increases body weight and more production
• Reduces crop period by 10- 15 % and production cost
• Better appetite and lower FCR
• Acts as agent for fast growth and more weight.

Dosage :
Vannamei Culture : 10 ml / kg of
pellet / continuously 2-3 days in
Monodon Culture : 5 ml / kg of pellet
/ continuously 2-3 days in week (or)
as per advice of an aqua consultant.
Application :
Mix the require quantity of BUILDER
in feed and apply to the pond after
drying few minutes.
Presentation : 1 ltr.