Special Nutrition For Growth Promotion & Disease Preventer in Cage Culture


PUNGA PREMIX Each Kg contains Minerals,Vitamins, Amino Acids, Growth Promoters and Herbal powder with Anti Microbal properties in suitable proportion.


  • Promotes fast body growth and gains more body weight.
  • Enhances immunity responses of fishes against diseases.
  • Improves sketal strength.
  • Minimizes disease occurrence in fishes.
  • Regulates normal physiological and metabolic activities.
  • Increases appetite and digestion.
  • Lower the FCR and feed cost.
  • Better survivals and more harvest.

Dosage : Regular use : 10gm / 1 Kg. of fish feed (or) 10Kg./1 Ton of fishfeed preparation continuously for 4 days in a week, in poor growth 20 gm./1Kg of fish feed.(or) as advised by an Aqua consultant.

Presentation : 1 Kg. 5 kg. Pouch