Caluium and Magnesium (Nutrient Supplement)

Benefits :
• Covers the minerals balance in shrimp and pond water and helps for better health & growth
• Promotes fast growth of exoskeleton and body growth
• Prevents mineral deficiency in pond water
• Protects from soft shell syndrome
• Regularizes the moult cycles
• Increases survival and body weight rate
• Prevents anti cramping muscle in shrimps
• Suitable for low & high salinity culture system
• Reduces stress and disease infection
• Prevents cannibalism and mortalities
• Promotes successful crop and more profits.

In Feed: Animals become more strong, develops good muscle,
health, growths and body weights.
Dosage :
Regular Use :
20 kg / one acre water area / every 1-2 week intervals.
In Mineral deficiency / Molt period / Soft shell and cramping :
30 kg / one acre water area.
In Feed : 10-20 gm. / kg. of feed regularly (or) 7 days in a month.
(or) as per advice of an aqua consultant.
Application :
Apply CALCIMAG directly spreading all over the culture pond.
Presentation : 20 kg.