Pure herbal solution for digestive problem

 Helps to prevent and correct digestive disorders
in pigs.
 Highly useful in diarrhea, dysentery, loss of
appetite etc. and also in digestive diseases
caused by various infections.
 It has properties like-Astringent, Carminative,
Anti-protozoan,- Anti-spasmodic, Antiinflammatory
 It reduces Gastro-intestinal motility.
 It corrects indigestion.
 It has antibacterial activity and immunomodulatory
 It acts as a gastro protectant.
 Also it helps to correct hepatic dysfunctions
Dosage: for 3-5 days: In drinking water
1 to 2 ml per 1 litre of drinking water
(or) as advised by a veterinarian.
Presentation: 5 Ltr.