DO Improver & Performance Booster

Composition :
Calcium, sodium added with probiotics (Feed grade).

Benefits : In pond:

• Helps for quick relax, better feeding & growth
• Prevents the stress occurred to shrimp / prawn due to low dissolved oxygen levels in aquaculture ponds
• Detoxifies harmful toxic gases and substances like Nitrites, Hydrogen sulphide, Sulphur dioxides etc which cause heavy stress to aquatic animals
• Activates the function of probiotics for better bio degradation and sludge consumption which helps for stoppage of production of toxic gases
• Saves the shrimps/prawn from mass mortalities occurs due to heavy toxic gas formations and    sudden      depletion of dissolved oxygen contents
• Developed dissolved oxygen rapidly and maintains for longer time in the ponds

In Feed : Helps for better growth and body weights.
Dosage :
1-2 kg / one Acre pond water / 2 – 3 weeks intervals..
In Feed: 1 kg / ton fo feed as a growth promoter and performance
booster (or) as advised by an aqua consultant.
Application : Apply directly in the pond water uniformly.
Presentation : 1 kg., 2 kg.