Dissolved Oxygen Improver and Performance Booster

• Increases fast DO levels in pond water.
• Prevents and the stress occurred to shrimp/prawn due to low dissolved oxygen levels.
• Increases oxygenation at pond bottom.
• Saves the shrimps/shes from mass mortalities occurs due to heavy toxic gas formations and sudden depletion of dissolved oxygen contents.
• Develops dissolved oxygen and maintains for long time in the ponds.
• Helps for better growths and body weights.
Dosage : In Pond : 500gm-1 kg/one Acre pond water.
In Feed : 5gm. / kg. of feed – 2-3 days/ in a month (or) as advised by an Aqua consultant.
Application: Broadcast all over the pond uniformly.
Presentation : 500gm, 1 Kg., 2 Kg.