Dropsy Disease Preventer & Growth Promoter


In preparation with special selective herbal ingredients added with organic acids in suitable proportions.


  • Prevents the dropsy disease in fishes.
  • It works effectively against swollen kidney & liver, infected gills etc.
  • It also prevents the bacterial and parasitic infection in fishes.
  • Acts as best growth promoter

Indications :

  • Dropsy disease is an internal bacterial infection often found in the kidneys of a fsh.
  • Dropsy disease causes the kidneys to retain body fluids and thus causing swelling of the belly of the fish. In late stages of dropsy disease, the scales of the fish will protrude outwards.
  • Other symptoms include : lethargy, loss of appetite and weak body.
  • There are many possible causes for dropsy, organ failure, poor water quality, poor hygiene, disease, when a disease affects – gills, heart, kidneys or liver then dropsy is more likely


In feed : 100 gm /one ton of sh biomass / 2 times day / regularly 5 days (or) as per advice of an Aqua consultant.

Presentation : 1 Kg.