For Prevention of Coccidiosis-Feed Supplment

Composition :
Each kg. contains
Maduramycin ammonium : 1% w/w
Vitamin K : 10 mg

• Best preventor of coccidiosis and more potent than other coccidiostats.
• Very safe & effective for all sps of Coccidia.
• Compatable with all kinds of chemicals, antibiotics and antimycoplasmals
commonly used in poultry.
• Eliminates all stages of Coccidia i.e. Sporozoites, Trophozoites & Schizonts.
• Gives maximum protection against coccidia.
• Very safe compare to other Ionophore compounds.

Layers : 500 gms. per ton of feed 1st day to14 weeks.
Broilers : 500 gms. per ton of feed from 1st
day to before 1st week of marketing
(or) as advised by a poultry consultant.

Presentation : 1 kg., 25 kg