Enramycin 8%

Composition : Each kg contains:
Enramycin HCl : 80 gm
Excipients : Q.S.

Benefits :
• Improves intestinal health, it helps to enhance growth and feed efficiency at
very low inclusion levels.
• It has strong antibacterial effect against Grampositive bacteria such as Clostridium
perfringens, which causes necrotic enteritis and growth depression in poultry.
• Helps to reduce wet droppings in poultry
• Improves growth & performance.
• It is cost effective & gives consistent results, also it has no inter cross-resistance
with other antibiotics.

Dosage : Poultry:
Broilers :
Starter and pre-starter : 80 to 100 gm /ton of feed
Finisher : 50 gm /ton of feed
(or) as advised by a veterinarian.
Withdrawal period : 7 days, avoid use in laying hens
store in cool dry place at room temperature.

Presentation : 1 kg.