For Better Egg Productions in Breeders & Commercial Layers
Composition :
Chromium, Yeast, Zinc fortified with minerals and important vitmans along with
special herb’s
Layers and Breeders:
• It is an unique formulation of chromium-yeast with
important ingredients, helpful for better egg production.
• Optimize egg production to its maximum physiological
strength of layers.
• Improve egg content & egg shell quality.
• Maintain peak productions for longer times.
• Improve general health, immunity etc.
• Strengthen reproductive track.

Commercial layers : 500 gms/ton of feed continuously.
Breeders : 1 kg / ton of feed continuously.
(or) as advised by a Veterinarian as per requirement.
Presentation :1kg. pouch, 25kgs. bag.
(also available in Liquid)