For Better Productions in Breeders & Commercial Layers
Composition :
Chromium with Yeast.
Sodium butyrate.
Zinc fortified with minerals, vitamins and
special herbs
Benefits :
Layers and Breeders:
• Unique formulation of chromium-yeast with important ingredients,
helpful for strengthening the reproductive system.
• Optimizes egg production to its maximum physiological
strength of layers.
• Improve egg & egg shell quality.
• Improves general health, immunity etc.
• Highly recommended during the sudden egg drop conditions
Dosage :
During laying period:

commercial layers:
1 ml/ Ltr drinking water for 7 days .
1 to 2 ml/ Ltr drinking water for 7 days .
(or) as advised by a Veterinarian as per requirement.
Presentation : 1Ltr.& 5 ltr.