Chromium, Yeast, Zinc fortified with other minerals & herbal preparations
Composition :
Chromium, Yeast, Zinc fortified with minerals and important vitmans along with
special herb’s
• Helps to optimize egg production to its
maximum physiological strength of layers.
• Provides all nutrients to strengthen the
reproductive system of the laying birds.
• Helps to improve egg contents& egg shell quality.
• Helps to keep laying bird healthy & productive.
• Helps to improve general health & immunity.

Liquid : During laying period :
Commercial Layers :
1 ml / ltr drinking water for 7 days.
Breeders :
1 to 2 ml/ltr drinking water for 7 days (or) as advised by a
veterinarian as per the requirement.

Powder :
Commercial layers :
500 gm / ton of feed continuously.
Breeders : 1kg/ton of feed continuously.
(or) as advised by a veterinarian.
Presentation :1 Ltr., 5 Ltr., & 1 kg., 5 kg.