Feed Supplement for Better Performance (Furazolidone 20%)

Composition : Each Kg contains:
Furazolidone : 200 gm
Carrier : Q.S.

Benefits :
• Reduces the incidence of non specific mortalities.
• Reduces the incidence of acute outbreaks of bacterial diseases.
• Helps for better growth and body weights in broilers.
• Helps for increase of Egg production in layers.
• Helps for better fertility and hatchability in breeders.
• Improves feed consumption efficiency.
• Helps to prevent and control loose droppings.

Dosage :
Broilers: 500 gm / Metric ton of feed
continuously from day one to till
Layers: 500 gm/metric ton of Feed –
One week in every month
(or) as advised by an veterinarian

Presentation : 25kg. bag.