Fenbendazole Powder 25% w/w

Each gm. contains
Fenbendazole IP 250 mg.
Excipients Q.S.

Nematodes (Round Worm) like Haemonchus spp;
Ostertagia spp; Dictyocaulus spp; Trichostrongylus spp;
cooperia spp; Nematodirus spp; Toxascaris spp;Bunostomum spp; capillaria spp; Oesophagostomum
spp; Trichuris spp; Strongyloides spp; Moniezia spp. etc.
Cestodes (Tape worms) like Taenia spp;
Dipylidium spp; Echinococcus spp. etc.
Dosage :
FENBOVET-25 powder should be administered orally
once in a day (or) one gram per 50 kg. i.e. 5 mg. of
Fenbendazole per kg. live body weight
(or) as advised by a veterinarian.