For Diseases Prevention and Better Health Performance


Mixture of Natural Disease preventers and growth promoters added with Vitamins.


  • Very effective against gram+ve & gram–ve bacterial infections in fishes.
  • Most suitable to prevents the following diseases…. Columnaris Red disease Abdominal dropsy Ulcerative syndrome.
  • All kinds of gill infections.
  • External wounds Tail infections.
  • Eye infections Mucous on external body parts Respiratory infections, Body wounds etc.
  • It helps for better and faster growth during poor growth conditions due to bacterial subclinical infections.
  • It relives from various stress and fishes are more active.

Dosage : In Water :

Regular Use : 100 grams per 1 ton body weight of fishes / day: Continuously for 5 days.
Treatment Use: 200 grams per 1 ton body weight of fishes / day: continuously for 5 days. (or) As per an advice of an Aqua Consultant.

Presentation : 1 kg.