Milk&Fat Enhancer
Composition: Hi-milk is a special blend
of the following in suitable proportions:
Beneficial Bacteria: Bacillus Subtillis,
Bacillus Polymyxa, Lactobacillus Lactis,
Bifido Bacterium, Lactobacillus Casei,
Streptococcus faecium.
Enzymes: Alpha Amylase, Protease,
Lipase, Xylanase, Phytase, Cellulase,
Amino Acids: L-Lysine, DL-Methionine

Minerals:Calcium, Phosphorus,
Zinc, Manganese, Magnesium,
Iron, Cobalt.
Vitamins:Vitamin A,Vitamin
D3,Vitamin E,Vitamin C.
 Keeps the animals with
optimum health, immunity
and activeness.
 Increases milk yield
 Improves fat content in
the milk
 Helps for fast growth and
extra body weights.

Poor growth, malnutrition, low milk yield, drop
in milk yield, calf death conditions, during antibiotic
therapy etc.
Dairy animals (Cows & Buffaloes) : 30 – 50 gm /
Growing animals : Calves, Heifers : 15 – 30 gm
/ animal/day
In cattle feeds: 5–10 kg / Metric ton of cattle
feed (or) as advised by a veterinarian.
Packs : 200 gm., 500 gm., 1 kg., 10 kg.& 25kg