For Stronger & To Strengthen Hoof
Composition: (each kg contains)
Biotin : 500 mg
Sulphur : 155 mg
Zinc : 2000 mg
Gelatine : 60 mg
Phosphorus : 20,000 mg
Methionine : 250,000 mg
Choline chloride : 6500 mg
Magnesium : 2000 mg
Calcium : 50,000 mg
Excipients : Q.S.

  • “HOOF STRONG” Provides high level of Biotin together with other essential ingredients which are needed to promote Hoof growth & Repair.
  • HOOF STRONG is a Supplement for Improves strength of hoof.
  • HOOF STRONG regenerates normal hoof wall growth. Allows cracks and defects of the hoof to repair and grow out.
  • It Provides proper combination of zinc, methionine, sulphur, choline, magnesium and gelatin for optimum hoof wall growth.
  • Reduces tender soles and dry, brittle walls & Promotes stronger, healthier hoof and sole wall.
  • Ensures the water soluble B-Group vitamin, Biotin is replenished daily facilitating optimal available levels, which is essential for Hoof strengthen.
  • HOOF STRONG useful to treat hoof associated defects such as cracked wall, contracted heels, thin soles, bruised soles, seedy toe, split frogs, laminitis and dry shelly feet etc.
  • Guideline for Use:
    Mix “HOOF STRONG” thoroughly through a dry feed daily.
    Important Note:
    Overall improvement in hoof horn growth and strength generally occurs within 3-5 months. In cases of severe hoof damage and with very large horses, supplementation should continue for 9-12 months or longer.

    Routine use:15 gm daily.
    Specific use: 30 gm daily.
    Pregnant mares: 60 gm daily (last trimester)
    Presentation: 20 kg