Special perpetration for better health of Piglets

 IRON PRO Piglet is a special perpetration of
probiotics,herbs with iron and vitamin B to
prevent anemia in piglets
 It provides all essentials to keep piglets healthy
and active.
 IRON PRO Piglet is rich in Dextrose which
provide energy source during early days of
 It contains S. boulardii, herbs with Kaolin which
helps to improve digestive functions in piglets.
 Spirulina in IRON PRO Piglet is one of the
richest source of Protein and also a useful for
antibodies production.
 IRON PRO Piglet reduces stress and keeps
piglets active.
Dosage: Piglets: 1 kg/ton of feed
(or) as advised by a veterinarian.
Dosage: 5 kg.