Broad Spectrum Mould Inhibitor cum Toxin Binder
Composition :
MOSTOX is a highly specialised formula with Mannan oligo saccharides
(MOS), Organic acids, Hydrated sodium calcium, Allumino
Silicates (HSCAS), Activated Charcoal, Herbal liver stimulants & Bacillus
Benefits :
• Controls excess moisture in the finished feed
• Broad spectrum mould inhibitor
• Adsorbs toxins very effectively
• No interference with other feed additives or nutrients
• Improves liver function and prevents fatty liver syndromes
• Prevents the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria in the gut
• Helps for non interrupted growth and stable egg production.

Indications :
• As a routine toxin binder cum mold inhibitor in feed.
• During suspected excess moisture in feed.
• During suspected mold growth in feed.
• For uninterrupted performance in terms of growth, egg production etc.

Dosage :
Routine use :
500 gm – 1kg. / ton of feed.
During risk conditions like excess moisture, suspected mold growth etc. 2kg / ton of feed (or) as advised by a veterinarian.

Presentation :
25 kg. bag / drum.