Composition :
Special selective herbal preperation
having functional properties as anti
toxic, digestantant, stomachic,
appetizer and finally laxative and
purgative. Special salts are added
to aggrevate the action quickly and
Benefits :
• Regulates bowl movements and
helps for better bowel evacuation.
• Binds toxins selectively and expels
out through dung.
• Most suitable in the conditions like
bloat, colic, constipation and
restlessness postures etc.
• Brings back the intestinal motility
to normal level.

Dosage :
Cattle / Buffaloes / Horses / Camels
: 200-300 gms / animal
Hiefers / Sheep / Goat :
100-150 gms / animal.
Note :
For purgative action double the dose
may be required (or) as advised by a
Packs : 1 kg.