Vitamin E Anti-Oxidant Supplement for Peak Muscle Performance & Maximum Reproduction
Composition :
(Each Kg contains):
Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol acetate) : 50,000 mg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) : 1000 mg
Selenium : 100 mg
Sodium bicarbonate : 50,000 mg
Choline chloride : 100,000 mg
Excipients : Q.S.

  • MUSCLE care specially formulated to protect performance horses from muscle damage which can lead to soreness,
    stiffness, fatigue & in severe cases “tying-up”.
  • Provides highly concentrated, highly bio-available Vitamin E.
  • MUSCLE care Helps to relieve stresses of training and helps to prevent ‘training off ’.
  • MUSCLE care have potent anti-oxidant activity.
  • MUSCLE care improves immunity & Fertility.
  • MUSCLE care protects red blood cell integrity and reduces exercise induced muscle damage.
  • MUSCLE care reduces muscle recovery time following strenuous (hard) exercise.

Dosage :
Working Horse: 15-30g daily.
Stallions at stud: 15-60g daily.
Pregnant mares: 15-60g daily.
Spelling horses/yearlings: 15g daily.
Horses with muscle problems such as ‘tying up’: 30-60g daily.
(or) as advised by a veterinarian (or) equine specialist.

Presentation: 10 kg.