Glycero Phosphate & Iron Supplement for Performance, Stress and Recovery


  • MYOTONE provides instantly available energy.
  • MYOTONE rapidly replaces phosphate compounds which are necessary for muscle metabolism.
  • It provides high energy glycero-phosphate and two readily assimilated and highly available iron salts.
  • Improves liver function.
  • MYOTONE delays lactic acid accumulation and muscle fatigue.
  • It stimulates the appetite. It rapidly metabolized and absorbed. Increases absorption rate of available iron into the blood stream.
  • MYOTONE improves iron absorption from the gut and aids liver function, Improves endurance capacity.
  • Maintains optimum red blood cell counts and maximizes oxygen transfer. Maintain Vitamin E potency.

Guideline for Use: Administer orally over the tongue or place liquid on dry feed.
Dosage Rates: Routine use: 60mL daily: Spelling horses use: 60mL daily for the first 28 days then reduce to 30mL daily if horse is spelling for longer than 6 weeks (or) as advised by a veterinarian.

Presentation: 5 Ltr.