Monensin Sodium 8% with Nicarbazin 8% – Feed Supplement

Composition : Each kg contains:
Monensin sodium : 80 gm
Nicarbazin : 80 gm

Benefits :
• Monensin effectively controls sporozoite, trophozoites & the first generation
schizonts, while, Nicarbazin controls second generation schizonts & trophozoites.
• It is synergistically-effective against most of Eimeria spp. in chicken.
• Highly effective for the prevention of coccidi osis in broilers and layers (up to 16 weeks of
age), caused by Eimeria spp. (E. tenella, E.necatrix, E. maxima, E. acervuline etc.).
• It protects intestinal wall (and its epithelial cells) damaging from coccidia and that further
helps to reduce the risk of gut pathogens like C. purfringens, E. coli etc..
• It also increases weigh gain and improves FCR.

Dosage : Add in feed
Poultry: For prevention of
coccidiosis : 500 to 600 gm /ton feed
(Or) as advised by a Veterinarian.
Withdrawal period :
Chicken and turkey : 1 day prior to slaughter

Presentation : 1 kg.