Pond Freshner and Performance Enhancer

Composition :
Herbal liquid added with probiotics & enzymes (feed grade).
• Liquid form of ODEX is the best way to control the ammonia toxicity
• ODEX mixes the pond water very easily, quickly and spreads very fastly all over the pond
• Odex starts functioning immediately after mixing in the pond.
Benefits :
• Acts as best natural food to shrimp / fish l It reduces and adsorbs toxic gases like Ammonia, Hydrogen sulphide, Methane etc
• Improves feed intake, induces moulting and fast growth l Improves water quality
• Optimizes plankton levels
• Helps to increase DO levels
• Animals grow fast, without stress
• Reduces the environmental stress and improves survival rate
• Reduces Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and ammonia level
• Helps for best growth and performance.
Suspected risk conditions in aquaculture:
Slow mortalities, Poor feeding, Poor growths, Size variations.
The above conditions indicate forthcoming signals of high risk. As a first step of remedy, it is strongly recommended to use ODEX to prevent or reduce the severity of the problem.
Dosage :
In Pond : 250ml – 500ml / one Acre pond water / 2 – 3 weeks intervals
In Feed : 5-10 ml. / kg. of feed – 7-10 days in a month (or) as advised by an aqua consultant.
Presentation : 500 ml., 1 ltr.