Acidifier and Conditioner

Benefits :
1. Reduces microbial load in the gut.
2. Maintains optimum pH in the crop, proventrieculus Gizzard and intestines where digestive process takes place
3. Gut becomes conditioned and functional.
4. Very much useful in the conditions like.

 Heat stress
 Vaccinations, after antibiotic theray
 Loose droppings etc.
Indications :
1. All stress conditions
2. Poor litter condition
3. As a performance booster.

Dosage :
In drinking water : 1 gram in 2 litres of drinking water for 7 days.
In Feed : 1-2 kg. /ton of feed 7-10 days.

Presentation :
Feed Grade : 1kg. pouch
Water Soluble grade : 200gm.,
500gm., 1kg. plastic tins.