A Total Vibrio Preventer & Gut Acidifier with All round Gut Health Protector

Composition : 1 kg contains: KDF (potassium diformate) : 500,0000 mg; Lactic acid : 30,000 mg; Citric acid : 50,000 mg; Carrier : qs. 1 kg.

Product Action :
• Organic acid salt: Potassium diformate (KDF) and organic acids  lactic acid and citric acid provide synergetic     benefits on immune response and disease resistance of farmed shrimp / fish
• Boosts intestinal microflora and improves digestibility
• Lessen hepatopancreatic damage
• Reduces stress, increases growth performance and nutrient
• Effectively controls and prevents Vibriosis & other pathogenic agents:Vibrio harveyi,V. ordalii,V.vulnificus  Lactococcusgarviae, etc.

Benefits :

  • Prevents intestinal infection
  • Prevents Luminous bacteria (LB) from shrimp body
  • Prevents diseases in shrimps like : white feces , white gut, white muscle, etc.
  • Boosts efficient nutrient utilization l Improves productivity and growth performance

Dosage : 5-10 gm /kg of shrimp feed during the entire culture period from stocking to harvest.
Application :
Mix recommended quantity of PROTECT -24 in feed with the help of suitable binder and use after drying few minutes (or) as per advice of an aqua consultant.
presentation : 500 gm., 1 kg