Biological Toxin Binder cum Growth Promoter
Composition :
Each 1kg contains:
Rhodococcus erythropolis
Pseudomonas fluorescens
Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Trichosporon mycotoxinvorans
Trichoderma viride
• PROTOX acts as a broad spectrum toxin binder & mould
inhibitor, it acts as a toxin binder cum growth promoter.
• PROTOX binds mycotoxins only and not adsorbs
vitamins, minerals and other feed additives.
• PROTOX promotes growth when there is no toxins present in the feed
• PROTOX improves Immunity & Digestion.
• PROTOX helps for Better Egg Production in layers
• PROTOX helps to promote rapid growth in broilers

Routine use: 500 gm to 1kg/ton
of feed.(or) as advised by a veterinarian.

Presentation : 25 kg bag.