Unique Formulation of Premix Feed Supplement for Catfish/Pungasius Fish


PUNGA PREMIX consists of various highly selective nutritious ingredients including the vitamins in suitable proportion as feed supplements to cat /pungasius fishes for fast body growth and better production.


  • Promotes fast body growth and gains more body weight.
  • Enhances immunity responses of fishes against diseases.
  • Makes strong and hard bone and skeleton.
  • Regulates normal physiological and metabolic activities.
  • Increases appetite and digestion.
  • Lower the FCR and feed cost.
  • Better survivals and more harvest.

Dosage : Use in Feed : 5gm-10gm / Kg of pellets feed regularly (or) as advised by an Aqua consultant.

Presentation : 1 kg., 5 kg.