For Retained Placenta
Composition :
Special herbal & mineral preparation
having functional properties as
ecbolic and involution of uterus in
Main herbs incorporated are Rubia
cordifolia, Harmala, Aristolochia
bracteata etc.
Benefits :
 Effectively and quickly expels the
retained placenta  Very safe and no
side effects during the process of action
and also later  Helps to reduce the
excessive discharges and so helps to avoid
possible infections like metritis,
pyometra etc  Brings back the uterus
tone to the normal level and helps to
proceed for next cycle of reporduction
process  Reduces inter calving period
by effective and early comeback for
reproductive cyle.

Cows / Buffoloes / Mares :
100 ml/ dose / day
Sheep & Goat :
50 ml / dose / day
Special Note:
It is recommended to give 2 doses in
first day with 4-8 hours interval and
alter one dose / day for 3 days (or)
as advised by a veterinarian.
Packs : 500 ml., 1 ltr.