Special Aqua Mineral Supplement for Fast Shell Development

Helps for better health, Immunity, growth & body weights
• Provides minerals to shrimp rapidly which helps shrimp’s shell harden fast after molting
• Avoids problem of thin and soft shell on shrimp after molting process
• Adjusts content of minerals in water
• Reduces stress for shrimp
• Helps shell of shrimp be shiny naturally
• Decreases blue-color phenomena in shrimp
• Increases immune
• Decreases problems caused by virus, microbe, parasite
• Increases survival rate
• Remains and stabilizes water color (algae) during feeding process.

Dosages : In Pond :

Before Stocking / Regular use :
10 kg/one acre of pond water/1-2 weeks intervals.
During Mineral deficiency Period:
20 kg /one acre of pond water.
In Feed : 10 gm/kg. of feed for 7-10 days in a month
(or) as per advice of an aqua consultant .
Application :
Directly throw SHELL MIN to pond water uniformly.
Presentation : 20 kg