For Fast Development of Exoskelton, Moult Stimulator, Stress Reliever, Growth Booster and Strong Immunomodulator

Composition :
consists the various essential Minerals, 50 gm Vitamins (including Vitamin C), Natural Carotenoids, Natural
Phytonutriants, Xanthophylls and amino acids in suitable proportion

Benefits : In Pond:
• Prevents White Faeces and Intestinal inflammation etc.
• Promotes fast body growth and gains more body weight
• Enhances immunity responses of shrimps against
• Makes strong and hard exoskeleton
• Less occurrences of diseases
• Avoids the mineral deficiency , soft shell, cramp body,
loose shell etc
• Quick healing from injuries and wounds
• Regulates normal moult cycle periodically
• Increases appetite and digestion
• Lower the FCR and feed cost.
• Better survivals and more harvest
• Maintain uniformity in size for better price

Dosage :

5-10 gm / 1 kg of shrimp feed continuously from stocking to till harvesting (or) as per advice of an aqua consultant.
Application :
The recommended quantity of SHRIMP BOOST should be thoroughly mixed into the total quantity of shrimp feed and dry for few minutes before feeding.
Presentation : 50gm., 1 Kg.