Chelated Minerals Added With Silicates

Composition :
Chelated calcium, Phosphorus with Aluminium Silicates (Minerals) in suitable proportion (Feed grade).

Benefits :
• Helps for more feeding, growth and body weights.
• Enhances dissolved oxygen quickly in pond water.
• Maintain proper alkalinity in pond water.
• Prevents ammonia, nitrites, and other toxic compounds from pond
• Supports more freshness to shrimps.
• Shrimps are stress free and more active.
• Prevents excess algal blooms in pond water.

Dosage :
In Feed : 10 gm per kg of feed 7 days in a month as a growth promoter.
In Pond : 5 kg – 10 kg / one Acre pond water / in 7-10 days intervals.
During low DO Level : 10 kg – 20 kg / one Acre pond water.