An Agent of Bottom Sludge Degradation and Soil Improver in Aquaculture Ponds in Cake Form.

Composition :
SOIL STAR contains powerful waste digesting enzymes and specifically selected strains of enzymes producing bacteria (Thiobacillus sp, Bacillus sp, Rhodococcus sp, Rhodobactor sp, Pseudomonas sp., Streptococcus sp ,Nitrobacter sp, Nitromonas sp) to degrade all the principle organic constituents normally found in shrimp / fish ponds bottom soil environment

Benefits : In Pond:
• Faster degradation of organic matters such as Protein, Lipid,
Carbohydrate, Cellulose, NH3, NO2, NO3, H2S, and Phosphate.
• Inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms particularly Vibrio.
• Improves nutrient level, dissolved oxygen, and blooming of
• Significantly reduces the gas bubbles and odor in the pond
generated by the dark mud at the bottom of the pond. Prevents
formation of black soil sediments.
• Prevents and controls the formation of sludge in pond bottom..
• Improves soil & water quality.
• Liquefies organic substrates in ponds bottom soils environment.
• Prevents the growth of undesirable pathogenic bacteria to
• Increases oxygen transfer into soil.

Dosage :
Shrimp Culture ponds :
15 -20 no cakes/ one acre with one meter water depth in 1-2 weeks interval
Scampi /Fish Culture ponds :
10-15 no cakes/ one acre with one meter water depth in 3-4 weeks interval (or) as per advice of aqua consultant.
Application : Apply cakes directly throughout the pond uniformly and mainly in feeding zone areas.
In Feed : Crush the cake, make the powder give – 5 grams / in kg of feed 7 days in a month.
Presentation : 1 Kg