For Control of Diarrhoea

Benefits :
 Acts as best astringent and
anti spasmodic  Having ability
to reduce the disease causing
microbial load  Adsorbs toxic
substances in the gut / stomach
and expels out  Improves digestion
and reduces gastric disturbances
 Prevents the formation
of gases and minimizes
the chances of bloat / tympany 
Peristaltic movements brings to
the normal level.

Indications : Diarrhoea of specific
and non specific conditions Calf scours,
Enteritis, Dysentry, Gastritis, Entero
toxaemia, Flatulence etc.
Dosage :
Large animals : 30-50 gms. / animal
/ day / 7-10 days.
Small animals : 10-20 gms. / animal
/ day / 7-10 days
(or) as advised by veterinarian.
Packs : 1 kg.