For Control of Diarrhoea
Composition : Extracts of special selective
herbs having functional properties as anti diarrhoeal
and anti spasmodic. The main herbs
incorporated are aegle marmelos,
cinnamomum, zeylanicum, zingiber officinale,
punica granatum, woodfordia flooribunda,
acasia catechu, cyperus rotundus, bombax
malabaricum, mangifera indica etc.
Benefits :
 Acts as best astringent and
anti spasmodic  Having ability
to reduce the disease causing
microbial load  Adsorbs toxic
substances in the gut / stomach
and expels out  Improves digestion
and reduces gastric disturbances
 Prevents the formation
of gases and minimizes
the chances of bloat / tympany 
Peristaltic movements brings to
the normal level.

Indications : Diarrhoea of specific
and non specific conditions Calf scours,
Enteritis, Dysentry, Gastritis, Entero
toxaemia, Flatulence etc.
Dosage :
Large animals : 30-50 gms. / animal
/ day / 7-10 days.
Small animals : 10-20 gms. / animal
/ day / 7-10 days
(or) as advised by veterinarian.
Packs : 1 kg.